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Dear Friend,, ,
You’re reading this because you know exactly how it feels to wanting to seduce stunning women…like Hannah. You want it so bad that you can taste it.
I spent most of my life getting rejected or spending months befriending women only to have them tell me that “we’re only friends”.

And I always worried about my looks.

T and Hannah – the kiss close  after the 10min 32sec pickup
Full version: the unedited kiss close
Imagine you are on the street and spot a hot girl with her friend.
Here’s proof you too can kiss a perfect stranger in under 12 minutes.

Pay $6,500 for a bootcamp, take time off work and fly to Australia AND seduce AMAZING Australian women?

Start seducing STUNNING GIRLS close to home TOMORROW for less than a can of coke?
E-Books, DVDs and audio courses DON’T WORK!
I have read all the books
I have done all the courses
The Game
DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating
and 378 more
The Mytery Method
Stylelife Academy
and 32 others blowing over $70,000

And about 5% of what they taught me worked every time.
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY. I learned that in that 5% lay 4 KEY secrets that, if developed, could make a seduction WORK everytime.
AND… these 4 key secrets can NEVER be taught from and Ebook or DVD
They have to be taught interactively!
SO…. I had a gut-wrenching choice to make.
I could either go on only teaching expensive courses from AUSTRALIA (Half way around the world from most of the population not a cheap flight for people)
…and continue to publish my renowned book Weapons of Mass Seduction

  • I racked my brains for WEEKSl
  • I hired expert training consultants.
  • I hired experts in psychology.
  • ….and then I had the break through.

I figured out how to train guys with out having to be in the same club or coffee shop with them.
So I hired a programmer, started building my dating simulators and filmed myself seducing hot women every day.
Why did you loose 150 dates with women yesterday?
Every time you leave the house you miss over 150 opportunities to talk and date a woman you haven’t met yet.
No one has time for 150 long drawn out conversations and mind games.

But today you will pick up in under 5 minutes and transform your lunch break into a week of dates.
The Seduce in Seconds Online Bootcamp
A few minutes today, a ladies man tomorrow
Here’s how you will transform yourself into one of the most dangerous ladies men in the world:

Learn how to kiss her EVERY TIME in any situation … without being slapped (Lesson 6)
Instantly turn boring conversations into fun & exciting role-plays (Lesson 13)
How to make her madly attracted to you in under 5min 32secs (Lesson 5)
3 steps to kill your anxiety forever (Lesson 3)
Revolutionary Black Ops secret that reverses rejections (Lesson 22)
3 social-engineering techniques that will get you FREE drinks and free entry to the worlds most exclusive clubs… with the world’s most DESIRABLE women (Lesson14)
Use this rockstar secret to have models and strippers OBSESSED with you (Lesson 12)

Fear No Man: turn her hostile friends into allies EVERY TIME (Lesson 18)
The key to seducing women with everyday objects (Lesson 29) (EXAMPLES: a leaf, an empty coke bottle, a peanut)
How to get her so excited to talk to you that you can’t get her to shutup (with this simple techniques you will never be lost for words again )
It wasn’t easy but Ive figured out how to train you without us having to fly half-way around the world to pickup in a coffee shop or club together.
The seduce in seconds online bootcamp is the only trusted and highly potent way for you to have the stunning women of your choice craving your attention.

So how will I get you out of the house and into experiences you never thought possible?
Easy step-by-step video tutorials of T personally training YOU to learn super fast and at an EASY pace
Hours of mind blowing in-field footage of T proving how quickly YOU can EFFORTLESSLY SEDUCE women that were previously just missed opportunities
ENTERTAINING dating simulators to help YOU enable your real pickup potential in the SAFETY of your own home
Penetrate what they don’t want you to know with fresh insider tips from stunning women to guide you away from the 40 MISTAKES all men make.

Revolutionary Black Ops secret that reverses rejections (Lesson 22)
T’s stash of over 128 private TECHNIQUES that will give you the proven POWER to PICKUP women in under 4 minutes.

A complete package of 83 fun scientific tools and SOLUTIONS to help you get who you want, today.
You’re going to be getting numbers after one lesson.
Youre going to be kissing after three lessons.
You’re going to be decisive , finally get up off your ass, do my lessons and not be the average male who thinks he does “just fine with girls” but doesn’t pickup EVERYTIME he goes out or date models.
I still charge over $6,500 for my in-person bootcamps in Australia. Imagine the cost of travel, accomodation, food and time off work. You would end up paying over $20,000 . That’s why I made this course, too many people can’t afford my services. So now…

Success with women costs ONLY $19.95 per week
234 customers will receive the first month of
our course for $3.99
(cancel anytime, no hidden charges)
That’s less than a bottle of coke!

I think it’s an abomination that any man in this age has to look upon women as a luxury. I’ve put my blood and sweat into developing the most trusted and respected bootcamp around. For the price of a bus fare you can change, go be confident, click above .

Red hot lessons delivered weekly to your inbox and watch how this 4 month course will give you the speed you need to seduce smoking hot women lightning fast.
Just think about how long it would take you to figure these techniques out and go through hundreds of rejections whilst you search for it?

Double Protection Promise

It’s wrong for me to take your money if you don’t improve so I want to take all the risk just to make sure you give this a go.
In fact, I’ll guarantee that if you follow my advice and STILL don’t kiss 5 girls by the end of the week I’ll give you a 200% refund if you feel I’ve wasted your time. That’s how confident I am that you will be confident!
I know what it’s like to be that guy who thinks he does “alright” but never knows what to say or how to seduce a stunning woman and her friends. Your adventure awaits, jump in or keep starring at your screen until you realise it can’t replace a woman.
Let Yourself Have Some Fun

Jonathan Sankey (Aka T), President
Seduce in Seconds

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P.P.P.P.S. You are going to love getting dates!!! An accomplishment like this can change your life. It did mine. Plus it is amazingly FUN!
Are you strong enough to know?