I dont know what is the title shoud be, perhaps it’s can be “loser”

Last year, I transfer from the Stamford college to the Camford International College. I still remember the first day I met her at the class.

When we all were sitting on our place she came in to say “Hello,everybody”, at the moment I really felt someone mad were coming in. She is my classmate, that college is open for the working people to study because it is the night class.When the time went longer, we know each other deep, I start to contact her sometimes and get her messenger account.

Therefore, when she was working at the day, I always online to chat with her. We start to have a good talk and I discovered that our talk issue was suitable. I want to tell something about her, that lady is older than me 12 years old. When I started to date her out, my friends said I was going mad to date a woman that older than me 12 years old but I never care about their words because I really felt she is the right girl that I want. She always give me the good concern & care about me.December 21,2010, is my birthday, I date her too to go somewhere to celebrate my birthday.

She promised SHE would be going with me, when I received her MSN that said she can go with me, I was really excited.We go Genting Highland(theme park) that located in Malaysia to celebrate together, from our area to the destination, it needed 2 and half hour to arrive.

When I went to her home to pick her and to all the way we went there I really enjoy, at the moment I felt that is my happiest time in my life, I fully hoped the time can stop at the moment.

We enjoy all the time at there and at the moment I swear I want to be with her forever & ever, I won’t let her to leave me.But since we went home from there. She start treated me getting cooler and cooler. I call her she never pick the phone, I send message to her she also never reply. Actually, I don’t know why she treat me like that, does she hate me?? Never mind, today I’m gonna to go her home to face her again. I have to know everything…

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