How to Write Breakup Letter…Simple ways to breaking up

Wondering how to write a breakup letter? let’s help you to get it done. When a relationship is not sustaining as expected, when each of the parties are not getting what they expected, then breaking up becomes inevitable. The essence of courtship, I mean the real essence of courtship (even though the order is now violated) is to make a complete diagnosis of one another, there should be this urge to understand one another, to know each others likes and dislikes.

Courtship in relationship is an opportunity given to you to make a full dissection of the mind-set of your partner,
people do have different behaviors and views about life, people have different agendas, different opinion to different matters, some people are just a good match other shouldn’t have met, hence breaking up becomes necessarily an option. Agreed, I have been talking like a relationship councilor

But if we face the truth, we all should understand that courtship should be like a class room, with marker and a board and maybe a scale too but definitely not a sex room.

We often jump-in too quickly not looking before we leap, Okay enough of this, this is not an advice page… I just want tell you guys about how to write a breakup letter, I guess.

Alright, At one point or another we all gets involved in a break up issue but one attribute of a strong man is the ability to “stand in dire situations” that alone keeps you being a man. The power and willingness to change from wrong to right.

When the situation derails to this extent, when a guy starts complaining. “I don’t like her now and now she’s totally changed, I don’t understand her any more. I guess we should go to our separate ways but how do I tell her? OK maybe I should send her a mail, but what should I say? still wondering…

Below is a guide to writing break up letters.

First Tip

Don’t seal it up with tears, get bold, you are not losing a gem, you are letting go of what shouldn’t be. Get confident about the situation and be sure to let her know that you are doing fine, not in a sentence but in a manner. When writing a breakup letter, make it moderate, convey your message in three to five paragraphs, even lesser paragraphs is better. After-all, Abraham Lincoln wrote one of the world’s loudest speech in less than five paragraphs.

To The Weird Girl

Lets say she is the weird type, always saying what she wants and lots of weird stuff, you’ve talked to her but she just wouldn’t change, use this breakup letter.

Hello Jane, lying on my bed for the past 10 minutes I just thought about “us” and all this complications between us. It’s nice that we’ve tried but I guess it is now more obvious that we are not compatible I just felt a pinch of tranquility by this thought of breaking up with you and I don’t know why. I feel it is the right thing to do, I am hanging out with friends this evening taking another shot at dating and I just hope you’d do the same thing, look up!
“…I am hanging out with friends this evening…this simply tell her you are not miserable without her.

Break Up Letter To the Clinging Girl

Some guys get trapped in a relationship, like when you don’t really love her. Circumstances brought you together. she is the type that before you say “jack Robinson” she is already all over you doing it the way you want it. But you don’t really love her. I strongly argue that only love keep two together. If there is no love, Run…don’t walk. Try this breakup letter.

Hello Jane, It’s been nice being with you, I must say we’ve had it almost the way I wanted it but it is time for the truth, I know this could upset you or get you a bit troubled but I think it is the only thing to do. We could rather head straight to the bush when we have the option of making a “U” turn, I don’t really love you as you think and I know that love is the only thing that could keep us together. I hope you take this lightly and I hope you get someone sweeter than me very soon, Thanks.

Wonder Girls are those pretty girls that always want to call the shots, they are good at intimidating nice simple guys and getting them to do whatever they want. You would know the relationship is unhealthy, but you keep thinking she would turn around and be the girl you dream of.

They are good at re-assuring guys, then the next minute they are back to their old self, they care very little about your needs and demands and yet they get you to spend good money on them, all this keeps you trapped… like you have gone too far to turn right

Here is a shocker breakup letter.

Hello smart kid, hope you are bubbling. Where on earth are you? Well, here is something for you to chew on… I am calling it quits, I decided I am breaking up with you simply because you couldn’t meet up with my demands, I had bigger dreams for the both of us but I want a girl that I can take along not someone that is already running. However,

I am Moving On to better things

That’s a confident move, it would likely get her running back to you, you can even Save Your Relationship, although I don’t encourage trying again with a wonder girl

There are few ingredients of a breakup letter that you must understand to be able to write a break up letter irrespective of the situation. First, be precise, be polite, they are losing you but it is the only thing to do so try to reason with them a bit and stress the fact that breaking up is the better alternative.

Then just say what you have to say and move on. What we have above are just examples, you could write your own following the simple rule, be precise, be polite…

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