Romance Your Lady With The Power Of Charm

A lot of romance advice ask you to do things that can be rather gimmicky. While this is a valid approach, another way to be more romantic relies less on planned external activities and more on improving how you interact with your partner. This improvement or enhancement is often called charm.

If you’re a plain spoken, matter of fact type of person and you start treating your partner with charm, you’re going to see big improvements in your love life. Contrast is very powerful when it comes to making your woman take notice.

She’s going to be very intrigued by the new you.

Charm comes naturally to some, but there’s hope for the rest of us because with practice, anyone can learn it. Three tips:

1.) Be alert to whatever makes her smile or laugh.

Even if you’re familiar with her ways, there will always be subtle things that you should look for. There could also be things happening on a day to day basis that she may be feeling good about.
Listen and observe these things. If you say or do anything that makes her happy, keep doing it.
Make the effort to remember these things for future use. She’ll be immensely pleased when you remember even the smallest of details about her.

2.) Cultivate a great sense of humor.

Another method of getting her to smile and laugh is saying humorous things. You don’t have to act like a clown, just try to see the lighter side of things. Being silly in a playful way can work very well.
Be cautious about triggering any of her vulnerabilities or insecurities. Humor is a very spontaneous thing that doesn’t allow much time to reflect on the pros and cons of the humorous remark.

3.) Be exuberant in how you live out your life.

Look for the good side of people and things. Relish every occasion and enjoy the moment. Be enthusiastic about and pour lots of energy into whatever you’re doing.

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