I am A bit confused whether she is afraid of serious relationship

I was wondering if girls could sometimes get scared of being committed to one guy. I live in the same city with this girl I met her six months ago and she was doing the same sports as me. A month back our sports team were having a vacation together we got talking and also flirted, actually she is 19 and I am 21.

Over the months I figured we had a lot in common, we think alike and always want to do the same thing.

After the vacation I invited her over to my house and she agreed to come which she did, we ate together saw the new season twenty four, then a little cuddling and kissing then some. In the morning I saw her off and while we were walking on the street she told me she didn’t want to get into a serious relationship, talked about how she wanted to stay alone, she was being different from the girl I ate with last night. I thought guys were the one always running away from a serious relationship.I really like this girl and I think she likes me too,

OK, recently I met her again and within a period of 1 month we watched a football match together, visited a friend of mine and even kissed in his house but this week(after the kiss) she keeps refusing to see me, like i hurt her or something. I just can’t understand all this “on and off” one minute she is kissing me and the other minutes she is not picking my calls. I think I just need to give her some time or what do you think

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