Saving A Relationship – When It Starts To Fall Apart

There will come a time in your life when you need to focus your energies on saving a relationship. Of course, we all know that some relationships are meant to come and go. Other relationships mean everything to us, and the thought of them ending is heartbreaking. So, how do you go about saving a relationship?

Identify the category of relationship – The term ‘relationship’ is very broad, and not all relationships are the same. Are your feelings really deep and meaningful? Do you definitely feel more than just lust? You need to be honest with yourself because prolonging a dead-end relationship helps no-one.

Talk to each other

– As a relationships starts to deteriorate, honest conversations are normally the first casualty, and once you stop talking honestly, the divide can only grow bigger. The arguing and the shouting has to stop and a return to calm talking has to be made, otherwise there is no hope for the relationship.

Listen to each other – Talking is useless if you do not adopt a sincere listening attitude. Too often each party is only concerned with getting their point across, and not being open to taking on a new point of view. Without knowing what your partner thinks and wants you cannot make any progress, and the only way to find out what they want and think is to listen to them.

Focus on solutions, not problems

– If you have been honest and actively listened to each other, you should have identified the problem areas in your relationship. Or, it may be that your relationship is actually fine; it is just the pressures around you that are taking their toll. Where genuine problems are identified, you need to decide what you are going to do to resolve them. This involves taking responsibility for the part you have played in things going wrong, drawing a line under the past, and moving ahead with a new plan, which can be written down if it helps keep you focused.

Saving a relationship is never easy, but how hard you try to fix it is the true measure of how important it is to you. Visit