Secrets To Picking Up Girls

If you’re like most sane guys, you’ve no doubt noticed that some there’s a ton of guys who pick up girls, but shouldn’t be successful at it! I mean you have complete losers, some of whom are even complete nerds, but they always seem to be with a new girl.

What gives?

I’ve got bad news for you. In the reality of picking up girls, nothing ever makes sense. However, this is also good news, as you can become a master of “nonsense”. You can get the stuff those guys have, that gets them girls.

Yes, there are men who have somehow stumbled on these methods and do this stuff “naturally”, without thinking about it. Nonetheless it doesn’t mean that is’s the only possible way to do it. You can consciously set about learning how do this stuff and how to be that guy too.

I have actually sat down, analyzed for months, trying to find out what matters, so I can the bring you the most important, most crucial elements that make all the difference. Read on as I present them for you.

Get at least somewhat buff

By far the best and easiest way I’ve found of getting more physically engaging ladies is the adonis effect. You can search online for this, but its essentially a fancy way of pronouncing “v-shaped body”. Science has discovered that the single-most physically attractive male trait to women is this v-shape. It simply means your shoulders are far wider than your waist. The good part is you do not have to build huge muscles or get ripped and have super abs… Those are all secondary. If you so much as have enough muscle to make your shoulders and back wide enough to appear like you exercise, that is enough.

Develop some fashion sense

The good news I have for you is that this is easy. You don’t have to study fashion or style for years. I just have a few cool tricks I use to always look stylish. I just get expensive clothes, ask women for advice in picking them out, and then I make sure I wear them clean. Its that simple.

Get a life, man

I have got a secret to tell you that no-one else will… You aren’t a jerk all day, sit and watch television, net videos and video games… Walk out of the house, say some lines, and bring the girl back home. That doesn’t exist out of porn. Even those “seduction pros ” who attempt to insinuate they can do such a thing, do not.

Their secret is that they deal with the numbers game daily. You need to understand that even the guys who teach this stuff for a living can only pick up maybe one in thirty women that he walks up to. This is reality, and you can’t learn anything to circumvent reality. Guys who pick up a lot of women simply meet a lot women.

I’ll give you an obvious example. I know this guy who’s average looking, he’s not shy, but he’s not super charismatic either. He is always dating tons of super hot models though. What does he do to accomplish this? He happens to own a modeling agency and he’s always traveling from one fashion spot to another. The funny thing is that any one of the dating gurus has a much better chance to meet any individual one of these models. Yet, those dating gurus don’t date as much models as this guy. Why? Because he meets many, many, many more models then they’ll ever meet!

Now, you might be thinking by the example that I gave you, that you need do this too. And yes, it will help you if you got some special gig like that guy. You don’t have to do it however, you can get the same results another way. You can simply build a lifestyle that’s super social. Join a whole bunch of volunteer groups, maybe a few classes, and take up some sports that involve women.

Get a ton of hot female pals and preferred male pals

Another secret some men who have got a lot of hot girls use is… They never do any work. The best thing about girls is that they love setting up and introducing people. If you have got a dozen hot female pals, here’s what happens…

A ) every place you walk into, all of a sudden every other girl in the place notices and wants you B ) Your female buddies keep introducing you to all their hot acquaintances and friends.

And my favorite component to this strategy is that women love male friends. The same hot women who would never date you, would love being your friend, and setting you up with all her hot friends. I know it sounds weird, but it works. Instead of going for hot women directly, befriend them first, and then go for their friends.

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