Fixed thanks so much for letting me know …

fixed thanks so much for letting me know
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My last minute advice is to go out and make your first three approaches targetted to actually getting rejected.
Yes… sounds weird I know but there’s a method to my madness and it is this…
Your approach anxiety and nervousness will most likely come from a fear of either:

  1. 1) Not knowing how to start the conversation
  2. 2) Not knowing what to say
  3. 3) Not knowing how to escalate and brew attraction

There’s a lot to discuss about these three things but hopefully, in short, I can help you here.
Firstly, use a direct opener – this simply is “I know this is a little weird but I saw you from over there and I thought you were really attractive so I wanted to come say hi” (for example). Make sure you open girls you genuinely think are attractive otherwise it will come off as insincere.


Whether this means you be rude, go silent on purpose or do whatever you need to do to get rejected in the beginning. There are many reasons why this is important but the most important is that your fears will very quickly subside once you’re exposed to the thing you are fearful of. Your nervousness comes from a fear of rejection and once you welcome that rejection and experience it you will instantly feel it dissipate as you will have been exposed to it and you’ll realise that it really isn’t that bad. No one ever says ‘fuck off you loser’, most people just say ‘thanks for the chat’ and walk away.

It will help you develop a thick skin to rejection and it is the fastest and most effective (and simple) way to instantly reducing your approach anxiety down to nothing. The only trick is that you will need to do these three approaches/rejections in quick succession and on and with people you don’t know (cold approaches). You need to hit your system hard by facing your fear and through a quick bout of exposure you will get over it quickly.

Some girls are hotter than others but where I come from, our taste dictates that our women don’t dress like cheap whores (thank you European immigrants).

What do you say after you open? I cover it inside my online course but in short you can’t let them respond to your opener as it risks an awkward silence. Gambits, teases, and about 1000 other things can all be done after you open to make sure your conversation gets momentum. I think Lessons 5-7 cover alot of that for memory, perhaps its a little earlier.

Thanks for the props! You just made my day!

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