Show You Love Her in 8 Different Ways

You can think of thousands ways to show your love this Valentines day. Here eight simple ways to show your love to your valentine this year.

1. Plan a special day at a local hot spot – a zoo, or a museum, whatever is close by and available. Afterwards, take her out for lunch or dinner.

2. Leave her a love note where she is sure to find it.

3. Take her out to her favorite restaurant. Make a reservation! Also you can get a bouquet of flowers to be set at the table. My husband did that when we were dating and he scored lot of points that night, as it showed his thoughtfulness. Restaurants are always busy on Valentine’s Day!

4. Put a love note in her lunch.

5. Cook her a gourmet meal or you can buy a gourmet food gift basket or picnic basket. Buy some special foods and follow up with dessert of chocolate covered strawberries. Stay in whole day, watch your favorite movies and may be even play some strip chocolate.

6. Send some love notes to her phone. Make sure she has text feature and will not be charged for the text she receives, otherwise your plan will get backfired.

7. Do some chores for her around the house that she hates to do – folding laundry, doing dishes, anything to help out.

8. Go to your local flower shop and ask for the “seconds” roses. Pluck out all of the petals and fill the bathtub.

Sprinkle the rose petals in the tub and all across the bathroom floor. Fill a glass with wine and light a candle so that she can slide into the tub for a relaxing bath when she gets home.

Just tell her you love her! You are sure to impress and wow your valentine with this eight acts of love and thoughtfulness. Make sure that both of you are having a good time.

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