Showing Your Real Feelings While Dating Your Ex After A Breakup

It is, indeed, uncomfortable to date your ex after a breakup. Because of what was being said and done during the breakup, both will try to keep things light to avoid unexpected conflicts and misunderstandings again. Are there things that will help you maintain the real feelings while dating your ex?

If you still cry every time you hear the song you both love, it is a sign that you’re not quite ready to start seeing someone new.

Also, if you haven’t stopped writing the name of your ex on every scrap of paper you come across, it will make your new date feel like the other person in a triangle.

If it’s been a seriously long time like several months or a year you might consider counseling to help you move forward. Otherwise don’t rush things too much. Have you met someone that takes your mind off your ex for a little while?

This also means that you can’t bring something that happened two years ago into the fight you have next month.

A clean slate means the old problems are gone and you’ve truly started over. This might be the first sign of life and promise for many people.

This is not the way things work. If you don’t tell your ex what’s going on in your head there is no way he or she can know there’s a problem. This is critical to making things work a second time around. Don’t go on a date unless you are going to be able to make your date the center of attention for the evening instead of your ex.

If you’re not ready to think about something like spending your life with someone other than your ex, then don’t rush yourself. It will be unfair for your new date if you are still drowned with your ex’s memories. A little interest on moving on will help start a little flame that will eventually become a fire.

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