When Moving On Is The Best Option

Not all advice ranks among the best advice for broken relationships but if more dishes than sparks seem to be flying lately it’s time to decide if the best option is to make up or to move on. Here’s the problem though. No one wants to be the bad guy (or girl as the case may be) and call it quits. You may genuinely like the person you’re involved with. You may even hope to remain friends. In all honestly, the longer you linger in a relationship that’s gone bad the less likely that outcome will be.

Say goodbye when it’s really time to bid your partner goodbye. Make it up when you see that there’s still a chance for you to be together again. The most important thing now is you know when and where to stop.

Is Making Up your Priority?

Honestly, if you have to fight in order to get involved in a heavy duty make-out session then it’s time to give the whole relationship thing another thought. Some couples find fights to be a huge turn on. For the occasional great night of passionate fun it’s all good. Once you’ve reached a point in the relationship that all common ground is gone and you need to fight to get in the mood there’s cause for concern.

How Long has it been since You’ve made Plans Together?

We oftentimes neglect to see what’s going to come when we reach the golden age. It is always our present life that is being thought about and prioritized, while the future life is somewhat forgotten. Building a life together with a partner is also looking at your future together. The bond of a relationship is stronger if you still see yourself with your partner even after 50 years.

Do You Know Each Other’s Dreams?

Perhaps the greatest thing about being in a relationship is having someone to share your dreams and hopes for the future with. You know all those things you wouldn’t dare tell anyone else? How long since you’ve had a nice long chat about what you want to be when you grow up? Your next thought needs to be how long is too long for the person you’re supposed to be planning to share your life with?

If the relationship kills the beautiful dreams you have, call it quits and move on.

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